Clarinda was born into the home of a pastor in Springfield, VT on September 18,1977. Her father and mother moved to different places they felt The Lord leading them. They moved to Tennessee when she was a toddler.

When she was school age she attended a Christian school where her father was a teacher, and attended the church there as well. At the age of seven she was encouraged to say a prayer to become saved. Her family once again moved, this time to Virginia. Her father had obtained a pastoral position in a small church there.  Just before her ninth birthday they moved to MI after the passing of her grandfather. She became active in the local church but during the school year was another person altogether. She went to Oscoda Area High School and upon graduating wanted to go to college. At her parents persuasion she went to Word of Life Bible Institute in Schroon Lake, New York.


It was during this time that God sought her and was able to get a hold of her life. It was through the extensive study in the book of Romans the fall of ’95’ that she gave her heart to Christ and sought to follow His will in her life. She was baptized during Christmas break at the church she grew up in. Upon her completing the  year at WOL in the summer of ‘96’ she went back to MI and not being sure of the next step began serving in the local church. It was during this time she began dating who would later become her husband, Jonathan Halk. They were married August 9, 1997.


They currently live in Orville, Ohio having moved from Eagle River Alaska, and they both serve in their local  church.  Jonathan and Clarinda have three boys, Jonathan Jr., Levi, and Daniel. She is a homeschool mom and a Sunday School teacher to the jr. high and high school girls.


God used several things in her life to call her to Zambia. There are talents that she believes God has given to her to use that would be an avenue to share the gospel and disciple women and children. At this time those have gone unused  but the needs that she  sees in Zambia would be a good fit with the gifts God has given to her. She loves to sew, crochet and craft, and would love to be used to teach the women in Zambia these skills, as well as teaching women  how to read and write English so that they could provide for their families. 

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