Our Children:

We are blessed with four wonderful sons. Our first ministry will always be to them, as we pray for them, and seek God's leading in their lives. They are such a joy, and we are so thankful that our Great God has seen fit to allow this precious opportunity to raise them, and prepare them for a life honoring to our Savior. Pray for them with us! 

Jonathan (Born July 27, 2005) is 15 years old, and is in the 10th grade. Jonathan made a profession of faith at the age of 5. He is currently being homeschooled, and has recently, during our survey trip to Zambia, discovered a love for soccer! He enjoys reading, and drawing, and going shooting with his dad. He loves teaching younger children and he says he can't wait to be in Zambia, where he wants to teach them that Jesus loves them, and that he died for them. 

Levi (Born March 16, 2010) is 10 and in 5th grade. Levi also made a profession of faith two years ago. He also loves soccer, and anything else his older brother Jonathan is doing. He enjoys working on cars with his dad, and anything else involving tools. He's a great older brother to his younger brother Daniel. He, like his brother, says he wants to "tell everyone about Jesus, all around the world!" 

Daniel (March 27, 2013) is 7, and is a absolute ball of energy! Daniel made a profession of faith this past summer during a missionary VBS program in Florida. We are excited and blessed as we see God work in his young life.  He is in first grade, and loves running and playing outside.  He’s a wonderful big brother to his little brother Christopher James

Christopher James (Dec 10, 2019) is 11 months, and loves food!  He is playful, and almost walking, currently holding himself up on anything vertical, and occasionally taking a step or two on his own.  He’ll probably be walking by the time someone reads this bio!

We are so thankful for our sons, and pray daily that we will be godly examples to our sons, and that one day all four will love and serve our Savior as well.