God has called our family to share the gospel with the people of Zambia, and with others as we come in contact with them.  Our desire is that God will use these ministries as avenues to share his precious gospel message.


While we desire to be a blessing physically to these people, our call is to share the precious promise of eternity. To that end, evangelism is at the heart of every ministry, and every day as we seek to glorify our great God, and see many people come to the saving knowledge of Christ. - Pray with us!

Various Ministry Goals










Church Planting

– We are going to Zambia to be church planters. God has laid upon our hearts a desire to see Zambian men trained to become national pastors, and lead biblical, doctrinally sound, national churches. 

Jail ministry

There has already been some contact with prison officials on the part of Missionary Banda, and he has received permission to minister to the inmates both physically, (Clothes, Bibles, Books, and other items) as well as spiritually. (Bible Studies, and open services)

Military Ministry 

 I have already contacted Zambian Military chaplains, and they have indicated that because of my military background, they would allow me to share time with the soldiers. Providing Bibles, Holding Bible Studies, and other activities.

Children’s Ministry

– There are a number of schools in the Chipata area. While in Zambia, I spoke with a

number of officials, and they also indicated a willingness to allow ministry by way of bible clubs, and small assemblies. Also organized soccer camps, and Bible camps, all aimed at opportunities to share the precious Word of God with these children.

Women’s Ministry

- My wife, Clarinda, has been blessed with a large amount of experience sewing, and other skills and is praying for opportunities to teach these skills to women in Zambia who are currently involved in difficult and sometimes inappropriate means to earn support for their families. She has a desire to see some of these women have an opportunity to leave that lifestyle, with the ultimate goal of seeing these women come to Christ, and grow in their faith, and become godly mothers and wives.

Men’s Ministry

– Pastor Harrison and I have been blessed with knowledge in a variety of skills that hold value in Zambia. Building, mechanics, farming, metal work, and other related skills. Pastor Harrison has used these skills to build relationships with a variety of men in Zambia, and as a result has seen many men come to faith in Christ.









Bible Training

– There is a group in Chipata called “Hope of Glory.” It is out of the church plant Bethlehem Baptist Church, in Chipata, and is made up of men who desire to follow Christ in various areas, from pastoral, to youth, to elderly, to orphans. Our desire is to provide training for these men, and others, and as God allows, begin a Bible Institute in Chipata that will further the education required to grow in Christ, and help facilitate entry into the few other Bible Colleges in Zambia.


After our initial time assisting and learning from the Banda family, our intention is to focus on the more rural

areas, (Villages outside of Chipata) while teaming with the Banda family as they minister.

Our desire is to serve our Savior in whatever capacity he provides. We are eternally grateful for the precious Word of God, and Cross of Calvary, and are privileged to be His servants.

We covet your prayers, as we seek to follow His leading in our family’s life.